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Action 68 in Denmark flag Denmark

Member States to mainstream eLearning in national policies

Indicator Status Evidence
Is e-learning present in national programmes and action plans? Yes The annual IT and Communication Policy report produced by the Danish Government consistently mentions the use of e-learning. The 2011 report refers to an intiative to produce e-learning films and modules (p. 21 see:
Is e-learning present in national curricula? Yes The use of ICT in compulsory in the Danish national curricular. The following webpage is a factsheet about the use of ICT in Upper Secondary Schools, although there are no specifications about the extent that it should be used in each subject. See;
Are there training initiatives (for teachers, enterprises) using eLearning tools on the national level? Yes There are plans for enabling teachers to teach IT, please see the national strategy for IT in primary eduaction:
Are there dissemination initiatives for awareness raising in place? No
Are there national projects on creative classrooms and creative learning environments in place? Yes One of the actions in the national eGovernment Strategy 2011-2015 is supporting investment in IT and digital teaching aids for schools. (

Other initiatives:

Denmark is currently running a pilot initiative that gives senior secondary students access to the internet during their examinations. The idea is to test their research and analytic skills, rather than just their knowledge of straight facts. With the internet now such a part of daily life, the Danish government believes it should be included in the classroom and in exams.

External contribution

External contributions are more than welcome. If you would like to share with us a country, regional or local-level initiative relevant for this DAE action, you can do it via the online form.