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Member States to set up national alert platforms

Indicator Status Evidence
Has the Member State set up a national alert platform? No So far, no national alert platform for reporting cybercrime exists. However, people can report illicit activities (both online and offline activities) through other channels. For example, in 2011 the Estonian Police established an internet police - the web constable. The task of the web constable is to be present where people are, i.e. in social networking sites, family forums, websites dealing with youth and children problems, and communicate with citizens. The constable answers to all kind of questions the citizens might have concerning the work of the Police and people can report any illegal activity to the constable. Facebook has appeared to be the most popular channel for people to contact the constable. Issues reported to the web constable concern cyber-bullying, child pornography, identity theft etc. The constable can also be reached through instant messaging channels and e-mail. (only in Estonian)!/veebikonstaabel.andero In the beginning of 2011, an online service was set up ( It is a free online service of the Estonian Union for Child Welfare which enables Internet users to provide information about material being distributed online which depicts illegal content – the sexual abuse or exploitation of minors and child trafficking. In order to impede the distribution of material depicting the sexual exploitation of minors, the Estonian Union for Child Welfare works closely with other national organisations, including law enforcement authorities, Internet service providers and non-profit organisations, and such international networks as INSAFE and INHOPE.
Does it serve as a one-stop-shop for the public who can play an active role in reporting illicit online activity? No However, both the web constable and the website can be used for notifying the general public about illegal activities.
Does it compile statistics on alerts, thus tracking the development of cybercrime at national level? No Both above-mentioned platforms (the web constable and the website compile statistics on alerts. It is, however, important to note that hotline compiles only limited statistics: Estonian Ministry of Justice provides statistics on crime in Estonia, including crime trends and structure, criminal justice statistics (data updated on a yearly basis) and short-term changes in main figures (crime barometer). The Crime Barometer shows the crime trend: the increase or decrease of the number of crimes in comparison with the same period of the previous year. The comparison data are given for the total number of registered crimes and for several of the most common types of crimes, including cybercrimes. (crime trends and structure on a yearly basis, only in Estonian) (statistics in English)

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