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Member States to develop national broadband plans

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Do you have a National Broadband Plan which specifies a set of measurable broadband targets or will you have such a plan in place before 31st December 2012? Yes Broadband development forms a part of the Estonian Information Society Strategy (2007-2013). The first version of the strategy (from 2006) set ensuring the availability of high-quality broadband internet throughout Estonia as one of its targets ( No measurable targets, however, were added back then. In 2009, a special chapter with measurable targets on high speed broadband internet was added to the strategy. More precisely, two additional objectives were added to the Strategy: 1. All households, businesses and institutions have the possibility to use Internet connection with speeds up to 100 Mbps. 2. To cover rural Estonia with a network of fibre-optic cables, so that 98% of all the residential buildings, companies and agencies are located maximum 1.5 kilometres from the network. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications has started the development of a new information society strategy, which will bring our current broadband targets into full harmony with those set out in the DAE. Vision: Strategy:
Does the Plan meet the European Commission's Digital Agenda for Europe target for 100% broadband coverage by 2013? Yes The Estonian Information Society Strategy sets out an objective (to be achieved by 2013) to ensure the availability of high-quality internet service throughout Estonia. As basic broadband is available throughout the country today, no specific measures for basic broadband availability are planned any more.
Does the Plan meet the European Commission's Digital Agenda for Europe target for 100% coverage over 30Mbps by 2020? Yes The Plan sets the target of reaching 100% coverage of at least 100Mbit/s.
Does the Plan meet the European Commission's Digital Agenda for Europe target for 50% of households to have subscriptions over 100 Mbps by 2020? No The broadband targets will be harmonized with those of the DAE in the new information society strategy.
Have supportive measures been introduced to support the achievement of National Broadband Plan targets? Yes 1)The Rural Development Plan 2007-2013, 2)The Implementation Plan for Developing the Living Environment 3)The Implementation Plan for Developing the Economic Environment.

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