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Member States to double annual public spending on ICT research and development

Indicator Status Evidence
Have your ICT R&D expenditure risen by 10% or more per annum in public spending in last 3 available years? Yes Analysis of the Ministry of Education and Research based on data from the Estonian Science Information System and Statistics Estonia show that the average annual growth of public funding in ICT R&D has been 20,3% in last three years. Funding resources include: targeted financing, grants of the Estonian Science Foundation, ICT Centres of Excellence in research and Estonian language technology programme.
Is ICT R&D a dedicated area in your Research and Development programme (either as a separate programme or a part of general R&D programme)? Yes ICT has been set out as one of the three key technologies in the Estonian Research and Development and Innovation Strategy 2007-2013 ( The strategy foresees the elaboration of a specific programme - an ICT programme, which was launched in 2012 (see more information
Has the total ICT R&D spending (private and public) risen by 10% per annum in the last 3 available years? No The preliminary calculations show that the average annual growth of total ICT R&D spending has been around 2,7% in last 3 availabe years. Data on ICT R&D private spending is based on the statistics of the Statistics Estonia Information on ICT R&D public spending is based on different sources (see point 1).
Have the number of ICT researchers grown by at least 10% per annum in the last available 3 years? No The average annual growth of number of ICT researchers in all sectors has been 2,6% in last 3 available years (2008-2010). Source: Statistics Estonia and Ministry of Education and Research
Are there targeted allocations of Structural Funds on ICT R&D? Yes There are two recently adopted sub-measures to implement the National ICT programme. Total budget for these two sub-measures is 8,4 MEUR, mainly funded by the European Structural Funds (ERDF). 1) The Estonian national ICT higher education and R&D programme 2011-2015 (ICTP) was ratified with a directive of the Minister of Education and Research on 2nd May 2012. The aim of the measure is to bring ICT higher education into internationally competitive level and to strengthen the cooperation between Estonian higher education and research facilities and enterprises in ICT sector. It also helps to support the IT Academy initiative. 2) Open call „Support to the ICT R&D“ was launched in August 2012. The aim fo the open call is to support leading-edge R&D activities and international collaboration in Estonian R&D institutsions. ICT is prefered also in many horizontal measures – for example there are 2 Centres of Excellence in ICT and also 2 ICT Competence Centres, all funded by the Structural Funds.

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