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Member States to implement harmful content alert hotlines

Indicator Status Evidence
Is there a fully implemented hotline in the Member State? Yes, member of the INHOPE International Association of Internet hotlines, created by French Internet Service Providers Association ( AFA ) with the help of EU funding
Is this hotline supported by law-enforcement? Yes ISP has to inform direcltly or indirectly (via "le point de contact") competent authorities. Charte des prestataires de services d'hébergement en ligne et d'accès à Internet en matière de lutte contre certains contenus spécifiques
Are there awareness raising campaigns on online safety for children organised in the Member States? Yes The French government has started the initiative “Internet sans crainte” (Internet without fear), promoting the good and safe use of Internet for kids and youth. public and private partners and with the support of the EU-programme, part of Safer Internet France programme (INSAFE Annual Report 2011)
Has the Member State taught online safety in schools? Yes Included in national curriculum, part of a national media literacy strategy
Has the Member State encouraged providers of online services to implement self-regulatory measures regarding online safety for children? Yes website run by the Association of Internet Providers (l'Association des Fournisseurs d'Accès et de Services Internet (AFA)

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