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Member States to facilitate broadband investment

Indicator Status Evidence
Have any measures to streamline planning or administrative procedures been introduced to improve broadband investment conditions? Yes In order to facilitate broadband development the Law on economic renewal from 2008 and related regulations introduce the requirement for FTTH/FTTB in the new buildings (construction permit deposed as of 1 April 2012) giving the right to fiber for the occupants.
Do you have an operational national mapping of retail broadband coverage at different speeds? Yes La réglementation (art D98-6-2 CPCE) prévoit une obligation pour les opérateurs dont le chiffre d'affaires dépasse un million d'euros de publier sur leur site internet des cartes de couverture en service haut débit. Les classes de débit sont : de 0 à 512 kbps, de 512 kbps à 2 Mbps, de 2 à 10 Mbps, de 10 à 50 Mbps, supérieur à 50 Mbps.
Have civil infrastructure initiatives been developed to entice new market entrants? Yes requirements for infrastructure sharing with new entrants are defined. also during new construction works in public domain run by entities outside of the telecom sector, the situation can be used for example for fibre deployment
Has the digital dividend spectrum (790 - 862MHz) been repurposed for mobile broadband and assigned to operators? Yes NRA decision from 16 of May 2011 for mobile broadband deployment of 790 – 862 MhZ bands

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