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Use structural funds to finance the roll-out of high-speed networks

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Are you using structural funds to finance the roll-out of high-speed networks? Yes National funding for the roll-out of ultrafast broadband - Fonds national pour la société numérique (FSN), mix of funding instruments. Objective: roll-out of 100 Mbit/s broadband and 1GB in the long run, support for remote areas, 900 mln for regional authorities pf co-financing for mainly for fibre investments (FTTH/B) as well as other technologies where FTTH is not possible before 2025 (upgraded copper networks and ancillary wireless solutions), another €1bn in loans was made available for private investors ready to invest in fibre deployment, 40MLN€ was foreseen in 2011 (that can reach 100MLN) for research and development of high-speed satellite solutions (; Operational Programme FEDER "Compétitivité": 30% of EU funding
Will you achieve full allocation of your ERDF funds allocated to broadband deployment by 2013? Yes Operational Programme FEDER "Compétitivité": 30% of EU funding, 50% of the EU funding was already spent (source: Avancement des thèmes TIC des PO FEDER "Compétitivité" au 14/5/2012)

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