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Action 66 in France flag France

Member States to promote long-term e-skills and digital literacy policies

Indicator Status Evidence
Does an explicit strategy document exist? Yes Plan Digital France 2012 (France Numerique 2012), Oct 2008, action 92-95; although it does not mention the professional e-skills explicitly, several initiatives on digital literacy are run by the governmental Delegation for Internet Use (DUI)
Is there funding for digital literacy/e-skills projects and programmes (including EU funding)? Yes Mainly public funding for ICT in education and Public Internet Access Points – “NetPublic”.
Are there special programmes encouraging women, older workers ethnic minorities and other target groups to use ICT? Yes, the national initiative on collecting and refurbishing ICT equipment to widen the access to ICT;
Are there special programmes targeting employees (especially older workers and SMEs)? Yes, national agency for vocational training AFP portal offers training courses in ICT (computer technology, software, web applications and digital communication) and information on digital competences, Passport to Digital economy (Passeport pour l'économie numérique) e-skills training initiative aimed at SMEs and self-employed, he National Handcraft and Trade Conservatory has developed an IT certificate called C2i, offering training and certification on basic and professional e-skills level -
Is ICT being integrated in classroom teaching and vocational training? Yes ICT certificates - le brevet informatique et internet (B2I), ICT learning objectives in the curriculum, taught as part of technology subject, progress monitored by ETIC (Enquête nationale sur les technologies de l'information et de la communication pour l'enseignement scolaire / National survey on information and communication technology for school).
Are there programms offering ICT skills trainings in telecentres, public libraries and other informal environments? Yes Public Internet Access Points - coaching and training for the network of access points labelled “NetPublic”, including e-learning modules for Internet facilitators

Other initiatives: - Digital rebirth, a think tank focused on promoting digital policies, CIGREF, a network of large companies promotes e-Skills initiatives, NGO 'Force Femmes' partnership between Microsoft, State Street, Randstad and ECDL aimed at to address the high rate of unemployment faced by women over the age of 45 also by teaching them ICT skills

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