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In January 2012, the penetration rate of fixed broadband is 32.6% of the population. Sweden is the country with the lowest penetration growth rate among the countries of the EU. Sweden has 52.4% of fixed lines providing speeds of 10 Mbps and above. With regards to high and ultra fast speeds, 2% of lines provide speeds between 30Mbps and below 100Mbps and 16.4% of fixed lines provide speeds equal or above 100 Mbps. Mobile broadband penetration is 97.5%, the highest in the EU. In 2011 91% of the population use the internet regularly. With regards to disadvantaged people, the rate was 83%, the figure is the highest among EU27. 5% of citizens have never used the internet. Take-up of eCommerce is together with UK the highest in the EU. 38.5% of businesses purchased online, and 24.4% sold online. Sweden displays the second highest percentage of citizens using eGovernment services among the EU27 with 74%. Among businesses with 93% of eGovernment take-up it approaches saturation. In 2009, business expenditure on R&D (BERD) in the ICT sectors amounted to 1872 mio €. The share of ICT in total BERD is quite high, at around 25%.

Action 46: Member States to develop national broadband plans

Last update: 1 Aug 2014 - See details for action 46 in Sweden

Action 47: Member States to facilitate broadband investment

Last update: 1 Aug 2014 - See details for action 47 in Sweden

Action 48: Use structural funds to finance the roll-out of high-speed networks

Last update: 1 Aug 2014 - See details for action 48 in Sweden

Action 49: Member States to implement European Spectrum Policy Programme (ESPP)

Last update: 1 Aug 2014 - See details for action 49 in Sweden