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Iceland has a high DSL coverage, in rural areas as well. Household connectivity is especially high too: a remarkable 92,6 % of households have internet access, of which 92,4 % through broadband connections. Virtually all enterprises have broadband internet access, more than in any of the EU countries. Furthermore, wireless technologies are widely used: 32 % of the population access the internet through laptops using a wireless connection. Iceland also outperforms all the EU-27 countries in terms of regular and frequent internet users, and in terms of non-use of the internet. 93,6 % of the Icelandic population are regular internet users, better than the 86 % in Sweden, while 87,8 % are frequent users. Only 4,2 % have never used the internet. This outstanding situation is reflected in the take-up of internet services. For nearly all indicators (even for the most frequent activities), the EU average is significantly exceeded. Although Iceland is not an EU Member State, it was included in the study as an EEA member.

Action 26: Member States to implement European Interoperability Framework

Last update: 7 Aug 2014 - See details for action 26 in Iceland

Action 27: Member States to implement Malmö and Granada declarations

Last update: 1 Aug 2014 - See details for action 27 in Iceland