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In January 2012, the penetration rate of fixed broadband is 21.8% of the population below the EU average of 27.7%. Greece has 56.2% of fixed lines providing speeds of 10 Mbps and above. With regards to high and ultra fast speeds, no lines provide speeds equal or above 30 Mbps. More than half of broadband lines (56.2%) in Greece are in the range of 10Mbps and below 30Mbps. Mobile broadband penetration is 36.5%. In 2011 47% of the population use the internet regularly below the EU average of 68%. With regards to disadvantaged people, the rate was 29%. 45% of citizens have never used the internet. Take-up of eCommerce is low, with 18% of the population buying online and 6% of businesses purchased online. The percentage of citizens using eGovernment is still much lower than the EU27 average at 27%. The percentage of businesses using eGovernment services has increased significantly from 77% to 91%, substantially above the EU27 average of 84%. Expenditure on R&D (BERD) in the ICT sectors amounted to 57 mio €, down from 74 mio € the year before, resulting in an R&D intensity of 0.7% of sectoral value added, down from 1% in 2008. The share of ICT in total BERD is low average, at just under 15%.

Action 38: Member States to establish pan-European Computer Emergency Response Teams

Last update: 3 Aug 2015 - See details for action 38 in Greece

Action 39: Member States to carry out cyber attack simulations

Last update: 1 Aug 2014 - See details for action 39 in Greece

Action 40: Member States to implement harmful content alert hotlines

Last update: 1 Aug 2014 - See details for action 40 in Greece

Action 41: Member States to set up national alert platforms

Last update: 1 Aug 2014 - See details for action 41 in Greece