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In January 2012, the penetration rate of fixed broadband is 24.7% of the population below the EU average of 27.7%. Spain has 53.8% of fixed lines providing speeds of 10 Mbps and above. With regards to high and ultra fast speeds, only 6.3% of lines provide speeds between 30Mbps and below 100Mbps and 0.1% of fixed lines provide speeds equal or above 100 Mbps. Almost half of all broadband lines in Spain are in the speed range of 10Mbps and below 30Mbps. Mobile broadband penetration is 65.3%, which is well above the EU average (43.1%). Penetration of dedicated data services cards, modems and keys only is below the average. In 2011 62% of the population use the internet regularlybelow the EU average of 68%. With regards to disadvantaged people, the rate was 45%. 29% of citizens have never used the internet. Take-up of eCommerce is 15 points below EU average, with 27% of the population buying online.  The take-up of eGovernment services by citizens is at 39% and by enterprises has increased substantially from 67% in 2010 to 80% in 2011. In 2009, business expenditure on R&D (BERD) in the ICT sectors amounted to 1099 mio €. The share of ICT in total BERD is low average, at around 15%.

Action 73: Member States to agree on common additional functionalities for smart meters

Last update: 1 Aug 2014 - See details for action 73 in Spain

Action 74: Member States to include specifications for total lifetime costs for public lighting in public procurement

Last update: 1 Aug 2014 - See details for action 74 in Spain

Action 89: Member States to make eGovernment services fully interoperable

Last update: 1 Aug 2014 - See details for action 89 in Spain

Action 90: Member States to ensure that Points of Single Contact function as fully fledged eGovernment centres

Last update: 7 Aug 2014 - See details for action 90 in Spain

Action 91: Member States to agree a common list of key cross-border public services

Last update: 1 Aug 2014 - See details for action 91 in Spain

Action 96: Member States to fulfil obligations under European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS)

Last update: 1 Aug 2014 - See details for action 96 in Spain